10 / 10 small thing

Write about your day

This is one of the best daily techniques because you can easily begin to see the progress you have made after a couple of weeks if you keep all your ‘daily reviews’ in the same place. You only need to write a couple of sentences about what you got up to, things you saw, and things you read or heard and it will keep the creative juices flowing in English. If you do it quickly before bed you can review it the next morning to keep the language fresh in your mind for the rest of the day.

9 / 10 small thing

Sign up to a forum

The vast majority of countries have a range of forums on a various topics, from relationships, to writing, to computer programming. So, if you’re interested in films and you’re learning English, you might want to sign up to a site about films for a great way to interactions between native speakers, to get involved yourself, and to gain some topic-specific vocabulary – if this is what you are looking to learn.

8 / 10 small thing

Play a game

There are so many online language learning games now that there is bound to be one out there that suits your needs and you find fun. Alternatively, if you are a big gaming fan, you can change the settings on your favorite game to your target language. There tends to be a number of conversations to move games forward and it won’t feel like you’re doing any work at all!